Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Milky Orange Pudding

My boys loves pudding, well, I guess almost all kids do, rite? In Indonesia, pudding is not like pudding in other continents. Here, we use agar-agar powder which made from algae, where in Japan they call it Kanten. 

I've made pudding similar to this one before, but I guess it won't harm anyone if I post the almost the same recipe :D. Anyway, this pudding doesn't have layers like the previous. The taste is a bit sour (in a good way). It will depend on the type of orange juice that you use, or you can simply use orange drink powder. I add a teaspoon of jelly powder to get the chewy-like texture. 

1 sachet agar agar powder (7gr)
1 tsp jelly powder
500 ml plain milk
500 ml orange juice, or if you use orange drink powder, use 4 sachets, mix with 500ml water.
4 tbsp of sugar, please note that the amount of sugar should be depending on how sweet/sour your orange juice.

How to :
Prepare a pan, turn on your stove, medium heat. Mix together agar and jelly powder and milk, bring to almost boil. Continuous stirring is needed. Then add 
the orange juice, bring to the boil. Turn off stove. 

After the steam's gone, pour the mixture to your mold carefully. Leave cool at room temperature. Put the agar in the refrigerator. Ready to serve once cold.


  1. It reminds me of mango pudding :-)) It looks super!

    1. I did made some mango pudding too the other day, Angie! haha

  2. Replies
    1. alhamdulillah ngga teh, ngaduknya yg rajin aja .....