Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Savory Bread Pudding

Whenever I crave for something sweet but I don't have much time, bread pudding is always become my top of the list. Its easy-peasy, only take less than 5 mins to prepare, and taste good. Good enough to stop my craving. I make so many variations with bread pudding. Mostly the toppings. Pretty simple, eh? Raisins n almond, triple choco, banana choco chips, banana almonds, apple raisin and many more combinations. 

But this time I'm craving for something salty, like chips that aren't healthy and full of msg :D so to avoid me for munching over a big bag of salty potato chips, I decided to make savory bread pudding. This idea came after doing a refrig cleaning and found out that there are some frozen food that is only a single serving each. So I use 1 piece of smoked beef, 1 piece of smoked chicken, cut them nicely, add small cubes of quick melt cheese and some mushrooms. And add the milk+cream+egg mixture. Voila! Savory bread pudding, at your service! So by changing the sugar into salt n pepper, turn out to be grrrreat. It taste like oven baked macaroni :D yeayyy for me!

So here's the recipe :
3 slice of bread
1 smoked beef
1 smoked chicken
Quick melt cheese, cut into small cubes, as many as u like. Note that the more you use it, the more gooey it will be (you can also use diced cheddar cheese, it will taste as good, only less gooey)
6 pcs canned champignon mushroom, sliced

Mix together with balloon whisker :
120ml cream
250ml plain milk
3/4 tsp salt
Pepper to taste
pinch of grated nutmeg
2 eggs
2 tbsp of melted butter

For topping : 
Grated cheddar cheese
Chopped celery


Cut the bread into cubes about 2*2cm. Spread it on your buttered baking pan
Spread the smoked beef+chicken+quick melt cheese+mushroom, and then pour the milk mixture
Add grated cheddar cheese and chopped celery
Baked for about 30-35 minutes, 175deg, until a toothpicks inserted comes out clean

Monday, December 9, 2013

Steamed Matcha Green Tea Blondies

Heyyya all, been a while since my last post. Been lazy and busy too :P 

It all started when I got sick for about 3 weeks. On and off kind of sickness :( Of course it changes my entire activity. I bake a few times, but its mostly simple things that I've been doing many times. So I don't have to feel guilty not to take shots or post the thing I bake. 

I loooooove matcha green tea. I love how it smells. And I believe many things can be created with this powder. Until now, I make a few recipe with this magic powder, and many things in my plan is about to come soon :D Check out this recipe of Matcha Green Tea Cookie.

This matcha blondies is a darling in our family. I actually make this 3 times in 2 weeks! However I only got a chance to take photos on my 3rd trial! The 1st and 2nd, all gone before I even spare the time to take some shots. The blondies smells wonderful to my nose. Addictive it is. It's soft and moist and very fragrant. My younger son eats 4-5 pieces in a row. He keeps munching over the blondies until he feels enough! 

The recipe is the same as my previous Steamed pandan blondies. This time I use green tea powder instead of pandan paste. 

Steamed Matcha Green Tea Blondies
adapted from Bunda Ricke brownies pandan kukus 

6 eggs
200 gr sugar
1tsp emulsifier
1/4 tsp salt 

Ingredients B
150 gr all purpose flour
20 gr milk powder

20 gr maizena

4 tsp of matcha powder
=> mix well with whisker

Ingredients C
100 gr cooking oil
100 gr white cooking chocolate

How to : 
1. Preheat your steamer
2. Prepare Ingredients C, melt the white cooking chocolate, add in the cooking oil, mix well with balloon whisker. Set aside
3. Mix ingredients A with  mixer on high speed until the batter looks pale white, thick and rising

4.Pour in the flour mixture, slow speed, mix until well combined
6. Add in Ingredients C, mix with slow speed until well combined
7. Grease 20*20*7 baking pan with melted butter and baking paper. Pour in the batter, steam for 35-40 minutes. 

Please remember to cover the steamer lid with napkin or kitchen towel so that the water doesn't fall to the batter and create holes on the surface.