Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Steam Pandan Blondies

I still have homemade pandan paste on my refrigerator. So, before it turn bad, I quickly browse for recipe of pandan cake. I stumbled upon Bunda Ricke's blog and found what I'm looking for : Steam pandan brownies. But as it required white chocolate instead of dark chocolate, I named it : Steam pandan blondies :) 

I gave some of this blondies to a friend of mine, who is now pregnant and looooove the smell of pandan. After receiving the blondies, she said that it was sooo good that she wants more batch! haha :D 

I use homemade pandan paste as a coloring, click this link to find out how to make it, homemade!

Here's what you need:

Ingredients A

6 eggs
200gr sugar
1tsp emulsifier
1/4 tsp salt 

1 tsp vanilla
Ingredients B
150 gr all purpose flour
20 gr milk powder

20 gr maizena
=> mix well with whisker

Ingredients C
100 gr cooking oil
100 gr white cooking chocolate
50ml coconut milk+2 tsp homemade pandan paste (you can also use 1 tsp of store-bought pandan paste)

Rice chocolate for layer
How to : 
1. Preheat your steamer 
2. Prepare Ingredients C, cook the coconut milk with a pan until warm (do not boil, warm only! ) and add the chopped white chocolate and pandan paste. Stir until dissolved completely. Add in the cooking oil, mix well with balloon whisker. Set aside
3. Mix ingredients A with  mixer on high speed until the batter looks pale white, thick and rising
4.Pour in the flour mixture, slow speed, mix until well combined
6. Add in Ingredients C, mix with slow speed until well combined
7. Grease 20*20*7 baking pan with melted butter and baking paper. Place half of the batter, steam for 10minutes. After that spread the rice chocolate (if using) and pour the remain batter and steam for another 25minutes.

Don't forget to cover the steamer lid with napkin or kitchen towel so that the water doesn't fall to the batter :)

I make a clumsy move and make the rice chocolate spreading not evenly :( so a little too thick in this side and a little too thin on the other side. However, it taste good! The color may not be as pretty as when you use store-bought pandan paste, but of course its healthier :D 

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  1. So tempted to make this
    What's emulsifier? And maizena
    And how do you make your own pandan paste? From the frozen leaves