Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Homemade Pandan Kaya Jam

Pandan or screwpine leaves is quite popular amongst south east Asia. It's commonly use for cooking or baking. The characteristic of the aroma is very fragrant, we usually use it to flavour the rice, porridge, cakes and even...bread :)

On my last visit to traditional market, I found a pandan seller and decided to buy some. Once I got home, I searched for some recipes using pandan leaves. And I hooked up at how to make pandan paste. Homemade! Gosh, never thought of that before :D And at the same site, there is a recipe for homemade pandan kaya jam. Why on earth I never think of making kaya jam myself ?! It's cheaper and healthier too :D Thank you Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover. Glad you share the recipe ^_^ For recipe of Steam Pandan Blondies using this homemade pandan paste, click this link.

So readers, here is the recipe for making delicious  and finger-licking good Pandan Kaya Jam, and of course, pandan paste :)

Ingredients for Pandan Paste :
20 gr pandan leaves, wash clean and pat dry with paper towel ( Liza : I use about 40 pandan leaves, more than 50 grams)
200 ml water (I use 700 ml of water)

- Use a scissor to cut pandan leaves into small pieces
- Blend pandan leaves pieces and water until fine
- Pour pandan in a fine strainer, squeeze out all the pandan juices.
- Pour the pandan juices in jars, and leave it in the fridge.
- When you see a thick layer formed at the bottom (it took 5 days for me), pour away the upper layer of water (I use the upper layer to squeeze the shredded coconut for the pandan kaya jam, as suggested by Mba Hesti of Hesti Kitchen.
- Retain the pandan paste 
You may keep up to two weeks in the fridge, regular checking required as they may got damaged and smell of rotten leaves. 

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It happens to be mba Hesti, one of my fave blogger, made it too, years ago.
Lucky me! Thanks for the tips mba Hesti :D

After the paste's done. Lets continue with the kaya jam, shall we :) Original recipe from Nasi Lemak Lovers, a few adjustment from me.

the lower layer with dark color is the paste! 

Ingredients for Pandan Kaya Jam (coconut jam with screwpine leaves)

3 large eggs (lightly beaten)
250g caster sugar (I use 200gr, and for me its sweet enough)
350ml coconut milk
8pcs pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) => I use pandan pasta water to squeeze and strain the coconut 
1 tsp pandan paste

How to : 
- Strain the coconut with upper layer of pandan paste water
- Add sugar into beaten eggs, use a hand whisk to stir mixture until sugar dissolved 

1. Add the coconut milk mixture to sugar+egg mixture. Stir and mix well. add the pandan paste
2. Sift the mixture into another mixing bowl (stainless steel preferred).
3. Place mixing bowl over another pot of boiled water on low heat, stir kaya mixture regularnya (dont stop too long, stir each 1-2 minutes) => double boiler method
4. It took me about 1 hour to cook. 

Cool completely before store in a clear jar and keep in the fridge.

My kaya jam ended up with the "strange" green color, more like avocado color than jade green... its not as pretty as Sonia's kaya jam, but the taste is yuuummmm, you can use it as a bread spread, bread filling or even...lick it with your spoon or finger *smirk*


  1. rajiiiiin bener ^^ *keprok2,, minta se-jar aja liz :P

    1. hihihihihi, lagi keluar rajinnya, tp malassss upload dkk nya :D

  2. Bund..tambah pewarna hijau sedikittt aja biar warna hijaunya keluar..krn klo cm pandan aja warnanya pucat..spt cendol ku tempo hari :(

    Tapiii tetepppp rajinnn benerrr dahhhh... :)

    #salamm from UAE

    1. makasih buuun *telat baca komen* iya sih bisa aja pake pewarna, tp selama masih bisa tanpa tambahan aku pilih warnanya jadi butek aja deh, hihihiih

  3. hi may i know where you buy your jars from?

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  4. hi may i know where you buy your jars from?

    you may email me at phoebs.tan@gmail.com


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