Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Savory Bread Pudding

Whenever I crave for something sweet but I don't have much time, bread pudding is always become my top of the list. Its easy-peasy, only take less than 5 mins to prepare, and taste good. Good enough to stop my craving. I make so many variations with bread pudding. Mostly the toppings. Pretty simple, eh? Raisins n almond, triple choco, banana choco chips, banana almonds, apple raisin and many more combinations. 

But this time I'm craving for something salty, like chips that aren't healthy and full of msg :D so to avoid me for munching over a big bag of salty potato chips, I decided to make savory bread pudding. This idea came after doing a refrig cleaning and found out that there are some frozen food that is only a single serving each. So I use 1 piece of smoked beef, 1 piece of smoked chicken, cut them nicely, add small cubes of quick melt cheese and some mushrooms. And add the milk+cream+egg mixture. Voila! Savory bread pudding, at your service! So by changing the sugar into salt n pepper, turn out to be grrrreat. It taste like oven baked macaroni :D yeayyy for me!

So here's the recipe :
3 slice of bread
1 smoked beef
1 smoked chicken
Quick melt cheese, cut into small cubes, as many as u like. Note that the more you use it, the more gooey it will be (you can also use diced cheddar cheese, it will taste as good, only less gooey)
6 pcs canned champignon mushroom, sliced

Mix together with balloon whisker :
120ml cream
250ml plain milk
3/4 tsp salt
Pepper to taste
pinch of grated nutmeg
2 eggs
2 tbsp of melted butter

For topping : 
Grated cheddar cheese
Chopped celery


Cut the bread into cubes about 2*2cm. Spread it on your buttered baking pan
Spread the smoked beef+chicken+quick melt cheese+mushroom, and then pour the milk mixture
Add grated cheddar cheese and chopped celery
Baked for about 30-35 minutes, 175deg, until a toothpicks inserted comes out clean


  1. hallo mbak Liza...
    wah boleh nih bread pudiingnya...
    soalnya gak pernah nyoba yang asin, pasti bikin yg manis.. kayaknya gurih ya..:)

    1. Hai mba, makasih banget sufah dimampirin nih ^_^ monggo dicoba mba, enak gurih2 kayak makaroni panggang :)

  2. musti coba nih bikin....ada testernya gak.

    1. tester ada loh kalo mau ambil kerumahku :D beneran dibuatin deh :)

  3. Replies
    1. hihihhi, coba dibuat aja mba, ini gampang banget kok :)

  4. eya ampun.
    Enak kayaknya ya... *sodorin piring* #eh

  5. Replies
    1. Dibikinin asal ambil sendiri yaaa maaak, hahahahha

  6. Yum yum, this looks really delicious....Thanks for sharing...