Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mie Goreng Jawa

Noodle is quite famous all over the world. Easy to cook, doesn't required lotsa ingredients, yet taste good.

Indonesia, of course has so many noodle version. Each region, has different noodle recipe. Areas near the sea, mostly use seafood as main ingredients. Like Mee Belitong, I made this few times, tasty noodle with a thick seafood taste. 

Today I am making Mie Goreng Jawa/ Javanese Fried Noodle. It has sweet taste because the use of sweet soy sauce. This menu is loved and adored by so many Indonesians. Comfort food for many people, including myself. The fun thing is :  you can simply toss everything! I usually add chicken breast, meatball and egg for  the protein, and some vegetables. 

The most important thing is, do prepare all the ingredients first! You don't want to running around here and there just because you forget where you put the sweet soy sauce...this dish take longer to prepare than the cooking time itself.


3-4 tablespoon oil
100 gram chicken breast or Indonesian meatball, chopped
1 bunch of Chinese mustard green, chopped into bite size pieces
appx 100gr cabbage, shredded
2 eggs, lightly beaten
3 chilies, chopped

Grind the following into spice paste :
5 cloves garlic, minced
5 candle-nuts, pan fried until fragrant
1 tsp dried ebi, pan fried until fragrant

250 gr dried noodle or fresh noodle (cook the noodle based on the instructions)
1 bunch of scallion, finely chopped
4-5 tablespoon sweet soy sauce
salt and pepper to taste

Instructions :
1.Heat oil in a wok/frying pan on high heat and stir fry the spice paste for a minute or two. add in the chilies.
2. Add the chopped chicken breast or meatball, stir fry until done.
3. Add in the chinese mustard green and cabbage, stir fry for about 30 seconds. Push aside the stuff in the wok and pour the beaten egg. Quickly scramble the egg and break off any lumps, do this for 15-30 seconds until the egg is no longer runny. Toss lightly so the egg, the beef, and the mustard green are mixed well.
4. Add the scallion and cooked noodle, stir fry for another minute. Season with soy sauce, salt and pepper. Mix well.
5. Remove from the heat and serve immediately.

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