Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Getas a.k.a Gemblong

I cannot find the right name for this delicious Indonesian snack. It is pretty simple dish, easy to make with humble ingredients. You see when I write "humble ingredients" it means cheap :D 

Best of all, its gluten free! The taste of the kue itself is originally savory/salty. But, it is fully covered with palm sugar mixture. So, sweet and salty collide. Addictive, I am warning you! This kue has been a darling for sooooo many Indonesians. Very easy to find in all traditional market. Even though some of my friends complains that is not really easy to find getas nowadays. They sort of missing from the market. So, what I do is, make myself the kue! Of course it is more hygienic and I can adjust the texture as per my liking.

Btw, if you think my english is a little confusing, please forgive me. It is not my mother tongue, n I start to write in English after receiving many emails from my readers, asking me to translate my recipe to English, as they tried google translate, but still got confused. Maybe because I am not using proper Indonesian language, haha. So, after I read the emails, I decided to write in English. Still need lotsa practice here :) Anyway, if you prefer to read the recipe in Bahasa Indonesia, follow my instagram account. All recipes there using Bahasa Indonesia ^_^

Here is the recipe :

recipe taken and adapted from Hesti Kitchen

125 gr glutinous rice flour (you can use the white or black flour)
50 gr of white rice flour
150 gr shredded coconut, steamed for 10 minutes
125 ml warm coconut milk
3/4 tsp salt

50 gr sugar
100 gr palm sugar
75 ml water
2 pandan leaves/screwpine leaves

How to :
1. mix together the glutinous rice flour, white rice flour, steamed shredded coconut and salt. Pour little by little the warm coconut milk, in the meantime, mix the ingredients with ladle or simply use your hands :) Mix it until well combine.
2. Shape the dough into balls, and mashed it until its a little bit oval. Anyway, you can actually shape it with any shape want. As long as it not too thick, as you will have difficulties when frying the dough. Deep fry the dough with low heat until the color turns golden brown. Move the side, wait another 1-2 minutes. Set aside.
3. Using non sticky pan/wok, cook the palm sugar, sugar, water and pandan leaves. Untill all well mixed, strain with fine strainer. Cook again until it bubbly and thick. Add in the fried rice cake, mix well and keep mixing until the sugar is dry. Ready to serve.


  1. gulanya nyeeem itu keliatan crispy bangeeet....

  2. I love anything coconut! They look very tasty and beautiful..so are the photos!