Friday, March 28, 2014

One Fine Afternoon @ Six Degrees Coffee Drinkers

Last saturday, I attend a press release event held by a (rather) new cafe at Mal Alam Sutra. The invitation was from KEB, a group of blogger moms that I (not very) recently joined. The venue name is : 6 degrees cafe for coffee drinkers. Since the first time I read the name, it makes me wonder.....why 6 degrees? 

In all possibility, we were never strangers. Love the quote!

So, I arrived there, have a quick look and found how interesting the place is. The smoking area located in front of the cafe. I like the furniture arrangement, the material they're choosing. I can imagine updating my blog with a cup of coffee and some finger snack, there. With the wi-fi connection, that place is just perfect. the interior is very unique, it has wavy wood panel almost all over the wall. It somehow creates a cozy and warm ambiance, like a melting pot should be. 

Back to 6 degrees, the owner of the cafe are 3 friends who share the same interest, food and travelling. And they explain that they choose the cafe's name because they believe the theory that human are separated only by 6 degrees of friendship. Dare to prove it?

Then my favorite time comes, photo time! The silly thing is, i forgot to re-charge my battery pack. All I have is only a few power left :( I know I have to make sure that I have some shoots for the star of the cafe : the coffee n food!
So, not like any other resto review that I've ever attended, I only took few photos, not satisfying at all. Especially when there are so many spot, food, drink to be captured. Oow btw, the lighting of 6 degrees cafe is perfect to make me starve :D I dunno, I starved easily whenever I'm in a room with yellow lamps and warm color. Can someone explain to me what the relation is? Yellow light and my rumbling tummy? 

One thing for sure, I dont like taking pictures under yellow light, it makes the food look less appealing :( Im a big fan of  natural light when it comes to photography. So whenever there's a window with sunlight bursting in, im in! Too bad my chair was far from the window, and its a bit troublesome to take the food outside, anyway they aren't all mine :P I have to share it with fellow bloggers :) Even though I cannot show you proper photos, be assured that the reality is way prettier. 

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I order greentea blended, my oh my, I always loooove green tea. Wherever I go, this drink is always on my top list! Its thick and perfect for me, for non greentea lover, might be better to add a little bit more sugar :)

six degrees special : pulp strawberry

I order my favorite spaghetti, Aglio et olio. Do you know what is alio et oglio means? Aglio is garlic and olio is oil, so this very simple yet delicious spaghetti is a stir fry spaghetti with garlic and olive oil. The pasta is perfectly cooked, al dente. I like it that they use chili to bring more flavour. The finger food also delicious, the chicken wing is crispy, love the sauce! And the buttered fish with tartar sauce is yummy. Btw, this cafe provides all homemade, including the sauce. 

chicken wings

battered fish

Then Mr. Rafal Kapusta, one of the owner show us how to make cappucino. Learned that it was not that simple. You need perfect timing and perfect skill to serve a cup of gorgeous cappucino. The taste? Oooh heavenly. I love coffee, and it was one of my favorite cappucino, ever! Strong taste, and also creamy. 

Another good news is, they use Indonesia's coffee bean! Thumbs up!  

6 Degrees Coffee Drinkers
Mall Alam Sutera Ground Floor- Alfresco Dining Gallery Unit 88
Phone 021- 3044 9377
Price range : IDR 35K - 100K
Free Wi Fi
FB :


  1. mata saya mah langsung nyambar ke potato chipsnya mbak heheheh...

    1. ihihihih padahal fotonya gelap gak jelas gitu ya, Mba :D yg bunyi kriyuk2 krawus emang bisa bikin lupa diri mba :D