Monday, April 14, 2014

Milk Orange Layer Pudding

I make this layer pudding sometime ago, having difficulties in updating my blog lately. My laptop is broke-down, followed by my gadget. I guess its time to draw back a little. More than a little, I guess :P 

I don't want to make you all feel bored with my prolonged-laziness issue. So lets talk about the pudding. Simple ingredients with good result. I want it a bit light this time, so I skip the egg  yolk. Feel free to add a yolk for softer texture.

Ingredients A (For transparent layer)
1 tsp of plain jelly powder
250 ml water
2 tbsp sugar

canned oranges

Ingredients B (For white layer)
1/2 sachet of agar agar powder (3,5gr)
1/2 tsp of jelly powder
500 ml plain milk
sugar, please adjust the amount of sugar to your taste. I'm using 6 tbsp of sugar for this layer

Ingredients C (For orange milk layer)
1/2 sachet of agar agar powder
1/2 tsp of jelly powder
3 sachets of instant orange drink, you can replace this with orange syrup
500 ml of plain milk 

I don't need sugar because the instant orange drink is already sweet.

How to :
1. Prepare a pan, turn on your stove, medium heat. Mix together Ingredients A, except the canned oranges. Bring to the boil. 
continuous stirring is needed. Pour half of the mixture to your mold, wait until it has a thin skin on the surface. The skin should be strong enough to hold the canned oranges. Arrange the oranges on the first layer's surface. In the meantime let the rest of the transparent mixture stay cooked on the small heat stove. Arrange the oranges on the first layer's surface, then pour the rest of transparent mixture on top of oranges. 
2. Bring the Ingredients B and C to the boil with 2 separate pan. Bring to boil. Pour it to your mold each color for each layer. Please note that every time you pour the mixture, the first mixture must have thin skin on the surface, and the other mixture should be hot so that it will stick properly to the others. Repeat until all the agar mixture is done.

I herewith join the event in a culinary group on Facebook, Masbar (MasakBareng,yuk!). I'm a new member, and this is my first post :D 


  1. Replies
    1. edisi lumutan ini mba Ningsih :P lagi malessss lesss lesss lesss kronis!

  2. It looks so beautiful! Love the beautiful colour contrast!

  3. kyaaa pantesan aja jarang apdet...
    keren pudingnya...sugeeer banget......
    mbak liza ini suka pinter kalo ngelayer2 puding.. hehe saya mah gak sabaran,jadinya asal cetak aja :D

    1. iya niiih lg rusak barengan, sembuh satu persatu, tp sayangnya saya kebawa males :P duh ini jg cuman dikit lapisnya, kalo model rainbow pudding itu langsung angkat tangan deh, nyeraaaaaaah, hahahahha