Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brownies kukus ketan item/ black glutinous rice flour brownies

Who doesn't like.brownies? I certainly not on the list! 
Before I jump into blogging world, I've tried many varieties of brownies. Well, to be honest, most of them was not my homemade. It is easier to have the store-bought brownies at that time. But now that I finally find my passion for cooking, baking and food photography, I try to make the brownies myself :) 

Last time I made a banana brownies, which is so moist and decadent. This time, I'm making a glutinous black rice flour brownies. Its gluten free of course! And if you want to make it even healthier, skip the emulsifier. As long as you mix it properly the batter will get thicker even though it may need more time. 

This amazing recipe was taken from bunda Ricke's blog. You must try this, I've made this brownies twice in 10 days. My boys looove it. Eventhough the first few bites they gave me a weary look, but then they said that it was yuuuuuum and they keep coming back for more. A happy mommy, I am :)
This brownies have a different textures from other brownies due to the use of black glutinous rice flour. It slightly feel sandy in your mouth, but don't worry, its in a good way :)

Here's the recipe, you can click the link above for recipe in Indonesian :)

6 eggs
200gr sugar
1tsp emulsifier
1tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp salt 

2tbsp sweet condensed milk

250gr black glutinous rice flour
20gr chocolate powder 
=> mix it well with whisker

100gr of dark cooking chocolate, chopped and melted (I use microwave to melt the chocolate)
200gr of cooking oil/canola oil

Rice chocolate for layer

How to : 
1. Preheat your steamer 
2. Melt the chocolate (mine takes 3minutes on microwave), and then pour in the oil, mix well with whisker. Let it cool.
3. Mix the egg, sugar, emulsifier and salt with mixer on high speed until the batter looks pale white, thick and rising (mine took about 20minutes)
4. Add in the vanilla, mix well. Then add in the sweet condensed milk
5. Pour in the flour mixture, mix until well combined
6. Add in the melted chocolate+oil, then mix it with spatula until the batter looks homogen 
7. Grease 20*20*7 baking pan with melted butter and baking paper. Place half of the batter, steam for 10minutes. After that spread the rice chocolate (if using) and pour the remain batter and steam for another 20-25minutes.

Don't forget to cover the steamer lid with napkin or kitchen towel so that the water doesn't fall to the batter :)

As a prove that i did made this steam cake twice in 10 days, here another photo of the cake. I cut the cake while it still warm and look at the texture.......

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