Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Marble Cake

This cake is very popular in Indonesia, its an old-school cake. Even when I was a little my mom used to make this kind of cake. I remember the smell of the cake when it comes out from the oven. Intoxicating it is. So when I bake the marble cake last week, it brings back all the memories I had when enjoying each and every bite of the marble cake together with my family. My mom was a great baker! Its too bad that all her recipes was lost and damaged :( 

And thats why I don't want that to happen...again! I try to documented all recipes I've tried at my blog. Thanks God for technology. During my mom's era, she wrote every recipe in a big book, and when a big flood came and destroy almost everything in our house, there goes all the memories :( Old photos, important documents :(

I use the famous Pak Sahak marble cake recipe. It turns out to be super yummmmm. It has slightly different texture from marble cake of my childhood memory. Soft, thick and with the wonderful smell of butter. Fortunately my two boys loooooove it too! Thanks God! My eldest is a picky eater who always questioned every new food that he is about to try. I mean, not like "what is this" and then satisfy and dare to eat. But more interrogating kind a questions, one question lead to another *sigh* . He rarely try anything without chocolate on it! Lucky that this marble cake has it! Though its only small portion of chocolate. I also add matcha powder to add more flavor and color. During the process, my almost 3 yo boy join the fun and offer lotsa help (a.k.a big mess). He is having a good time making the marble with toothpicks :D 

Here is the recipe :

Marble Cake
Original recipe by Pak Sahak Pribadi, taken from Catatan Nina

5 eggs
150 gr all purpose flour
15 gr maizena
15 gr instant milk powder
130 gr sugar
1 tsp emulsifier

mix together:
100 gr butter, melted
50gr cooking oil 

2 tbsp cocoa powder, dissolved with 2tbsp of water (too dark n heavy, next time use 2 tsp)
1 tbsp matcha powder (it is a bit too dark in color, next time use 1 tsp )

Step by step :
1. Pre-heat your oven180 degree celcius. Smear your baking pan with butter, and sprinkle it with flour. 
2. Mix together in high speed, flour, sugar, egg and emulsifier until rise and thick. The texture should be thick enough but not until ribbon stage. 
3. Pour in the butter+oil mixture. Fold in using spatula until the batter become homogen. 
4. Get 8 tbsp of batter, mix half of the batter with cocoa mixture and the other half with green tea mixture
5. Pour the batter to your baking pan, then pour the cocoa and green tea mixture. Make marble using toothpicks, knife or fork
6. Bake for appx 30-45 minutes. Check with tooth picks inserted to the cake, if its clean, the cake is ready.
7. Immediately remove from the pan to avoid the cake to shrinks. Transfer to cooling rack.

Pardon me for the ugly pictures, this is what happened when you are taking photos but your mind is somewhere else. My pictures doesn't give fair explanation about the original texture of this old-school cake:( To be honest, my few last photo shoot was disastrous! :( I am busy with the packing and moving things here and there as my family is going to move to another house. Baking is my way of getting out of the stressful days. Only that I have so little time for taking photos and upload it. Well, call me making excuse. I'm a amateur photographer wannabe, anyway :D hahaha


  1. mbakku sering dapat pesanan marble cake mbk,emang khas cake itu kl keluar dari oven heummmm wangi2 gimmana gitu,saya suka makan sisa2 di loyang pas masih panas,enak aja hehehe

    1. iya wanginya nggilani,hihihihihihihi. kalo gak inget badan yg sudah melar gini, bisa makanin terus dan terussss