Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sambal Jambal

Hello All,

I am finding difficulties to find the appropriate title and name of this recipe in English. Therefor, I use it original name. Sambal jambal. I honestly don't know the origin of this sambal. My mom introduce me to this delicious thing. As she is a sundanese, probably it is originally from West Java.

This spicy, tasty, delicious sambal is very easy to make, with simple ingredients. If you don't know what Jambal is, it is a type of salted fish. I have no idea what the name is in English. And I bet it is not easy for you to find varieties of salted fish if you lived in America or Europe. You must check your local asian store, I think. 

Back to the ingredients, you can adjust the level of spiciness to your personal liking. If you think you can bear the hot and extra spicy flavour, use all bird eye chilies and green bird eye chilies (Indonesian : cabe rawit merah dan hijau). If you afraid that the sambal will sting your stomach, play safe! Use 50:50 with red cayenne. Still afraid? Remove the seeds, it will reduce the spiciness.

Ingredients :

200 gr of jambal salted fish, cut into thin slice, wash clean
250 gr mix of cayenne, bird eye chilies, and green bird eye chilies
10 green tomatoes, cut into 4
16 red onion
8 cloves of garlic
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
12 tbsp cooking oil 

1. Clean all the chillies, peel the skin of red onion dan garlic. Wash clean, set aside
2. Fry the slice jambal until golden brown. 
3. Mashed the chilies, onion and garlic with mortar and pestle. If you use blender, just press a few seconds so it is not mashed finely
4. Turn on your stove, add in cooking oil. 
5. Cook the mashed chilies with medium heat untill done. Add in salt, sugar, tomatoes, the fried jambal.

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  1. duh Gusti,nasi mana nasi.....ada sambel jamballl,henak ini^^