Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rujak Serut

Ahoyyyyy everyone!

Its been a while since my last recipe post, so today I'm going to share a quick post. One of our family's favorite cemilan during hot season. Yup, as you all know, Indonesia, and most probably any other part of the world, been through a hard and weird season. Sometimes it is freakin hot you wish you were fit in a refrigerator. But sometimes, rain falling all day and flood is everywhere on the news.

It is really hard to keep  up with the weather, so we must make sure we eat well. Otherwise, we may get sick.

So, let me introduce you to one of my favorite comfort food, Rujak Serut. If you are an Indonesian, I bet you know what this is. It is made of shredded fruits and vegetables. Then you add spicy coconut sugar sauce. Oh my......deliciously healthy.

This recipe is my mom's, btw. She is my favorite chef!

Ingredients :
Shred all the fruits with vegetable shredder:
2 regular size jicama
2 cucumber
1 pineapple
3 water apple/rose apple

Spicy Coconut Sugar Sauce
mix together :
3 cayenne chilies
1 bird eye chilies
200 ml water
200 gr coconut sugar
1/2 sdt terasi/shrimp paste, pan roasted until fragrant
2 tbsp cooked tamarind water

If you love peanuts, you can add a handfull of chopped roasted peanut into the sauce.

To assemble:

In a bowl, mix all the shredded fruits of veggies, add in the sauce. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Best eaten when cold.


  1. Belum pernah nyoba tapi penasaran mau bikin juga. Makasi sharingnya ya mba