Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Strawberry lemonade

The past few weeks have been a truly hot weeks. Seems like dry season has finally arrived. Never as i can recall, i turn on my aircon the whole time for a whole week! Sweats falling down like rain everytime I do the house cleaning. Sounds like exaggerating but that was the real condition. Gosh! Really need something to cheer and freshen my day up. So I decided to make this very simple lemonade. I don't have the exact recipe as we all have a different taste bud and you can simply adjust the level of tanginess or sweetness. So make it as you please, you can grab any fruit you have at home and make it a healthy blend of lemonade.

Here's how i make my lemonade :

5 tbsp sugar
about 200ml water
3 lemons 
ice cubes, as many as you please :D

how to :
1. Bring the water+sugar to the boil and set aside
2. cut the strawberry into halve and slice 1 lemon and then put them on the glasses
3. squeeeze the 2 lemons and mix it with sugar syrup
4. add in more water and the ice cubes. Stir well, and ready to serve.

It's a simple treat on a super hot day, for more, its also healthy with all the fruits inside :)


  1. segeeer....
    oya Mbak, fotonya diset lebih besar, biar makin mantap ^^

  2. Makasih ya mba Citra sarannya, bener juga ya jadi lbh keliatan :)