Friday, September 2, 2016

Fermented Cassava Cake

Once upon a super duper hot and sunny day, I was waiting for my little boy at school. It was a boring day, you know....nothing to do, just have a light chat with some mommies whose also waiting for their kids.

Just then I heard a seller offering his stuffs. Its fermented cassava. Oh thanks God! I have been waiting for this particular seller for some times, but never got the chance to stop or get them around my house. I don't know why I'm always late. Why bother to wait for this seller? Nothing special, I just missed fermented cassava, that is. There are so many recipes with fermented cassava that I'm planning to try.

This time, I'm making cake with fermented cassava. The recipe was taken from one of my most favorite foodblogger : Mba Vania Samperuru of  Adventurelicious.

Lets just go to the recipe :D

This cake is moist, soft, and oh so yummmyyyy....just the way I expected it! The key to make the batter thick and rise is the eggs. Its very important to make sure the eggs you use is in fresh condition.


300 gr fermented cassava, remove the cord
50 ml sweet condensed milk, or thick coconut milk
5 eggs
180 gr caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla paste
150 gr butter,you can also use margarine. Melted
100 gr grated cheddar cheese
Shift :
175 gr all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder


1. Smear a 20cm baking pan with butter, and spread a little flour evenly.
2. Mashed the fermented cassava with fork, add in the sweet condensed milk. Mix well. Set aside.
3. Using mixer, mix the eggs and sugar with high speed until the batter thick,rising and white. 
4. Add in the vanilla paste, mix well. And then add the fermented cassava a little at a time, mix well. 
5. Pour the melted butter, fold back with a spatula. 
6. Add in the flour and 50gr of grated cheddar. Fold with spatula.
7. Pour the batter into pan, cook for about 45 minutes in 180 degree celcius 
8. Let cool and ready to serve.

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