Monday, January 12, 2015

Fried Enoki Mushroom

Quick Post! 

This mushroom is one of my family’s favorite. Its crispy and crunchy! And it also stays crispy for a couple of hours.

You can eat it with chili or tomato sauce, or even with mayonnaise. 

The key for long lasting crispiness if to make sure that you pat dry the mushroom for removing  excess water. And make sure the oil is hot enough while deep frying.  Small heat is needed, you want the mushroom to be fully cooked but still with beautiful golden color.

Got the recipe from mba Nina’s instagram, with some modifications. Thanks mba Nina for the recipe.

1 pack of enoki mushroom cut the core, wash and drain. Pat with kitchen towels
150 gr all purpose flour
35 gr corn starch
15 gr white rice flour
½ tsp garlic powder
1 tsp salt
¾ tsp baking powder

For marinating :
1 egg
50 ml water
½ tsp salt
Ground pepper

Cooking oil for deep frying

How to :
Cut and separate each mushroom

Mix well  the flours, garlic powder, salt and baking powder

Soak the mushroom into the marinating liquid, then roll to the flours mix. Pat a little so the flour  stick to the mushroom

Deep fry with small heat


  1. kebayang kriuk2nya nih mbak hehe

  2. dont have to really soak the mushrooms in the egg for long right?